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Faculty VPN allows employees, teachers and students of FIT to connect to the FIT’s private network and to access internal services from anywhere.

Internal services include, for example:

Information about the need to use VPN is described for each service for which it is required.

The University VPN can also be used for some of these services.

Installation Manuals

Installation manuals for different operating systems are available in the navigation menu at the top of this page.


It’s realized using OpenVPN – de-facto standard open source VPN based on the TLS protocol. Therefore you have to install OpenVPN software on your computer to connect to the VPN (see the installation manuals section). The minimum supported version of OpenVPN is 2.4.0.

For ease of use, FIT VPN doesn’t use classic authentication using client certificates, but username and password. to be more specific, your CTU username and FIT Password (not CTU Password!)[1].

In case of problems, make sure that you follow the mentioned installation manuals precisely and then contact us via helpdesk.

  1. FIT Password is not CTU Password! You can change your FIT Password in ICT profile. More about FIT Password via https://help.fit.cvut.cz/accounts/index.html#fit-password