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Mail address verification

Many of the applications you need for study or work at the university require you to have at least one verified email address registered in the university’s information system. In some situations when you start your studies this may not be the case (this is usually a problem for lifelong learners or interns) .

You can verify your address by following the procedure below.


Please note, that without at least one verified e-mail registered many of the faculty or university applications will not work for you.

E-mail address verification procedure

  1. Log-in to the Usermap application with your login name (e.g. flynnkev) and your CTU Password.
  2. After logging in to the UserMap at the top right under your name, you can click on the arrow to go to the User Profile

    verification 01 en

  3. In the User Profile, go to the Settings tab and select the E-mail Address Settings menu.

    verification 02 en

  4. On the displayed page you can see an overview of information about your e-mails at CTU and your personal e-mails, if you have registered such in the CTU system. Locate your e-mail address you’ve provided when applying for study and click on the verification button. Paste the verification code sent to your address into displayed form and you are done.